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Boston Carpentry Pros worker is on flooring taskAre you looking for a company that delivers the best carpentry services in Boston? At MABO Carpentry & Home Improvement, we offer a wide array of services of carpentry projects, including deck and porches, custom furniture, and custom cabinets, among many others.

We pride ourselves on having highly trained and experienced home and commercial building improvement professionals. You will love working with our skilled furniture builders and carpenters. Feel free to get in touch with us so we can talk about your upcoming project. We are here to help you achieve the best possible outcome.

We are known for our ability to deliver superb quality. Since we launched our operations many years ago, we apply a no-compromise approach that entails going out of our way to ensure that our clients realize their goals affordably and efficiently. We would love to hear about the details of your upcoming project. Get in touch with us today!

Our Carpenters

We are the best at what we do. As the leading carpenter company in the region, every furniture carpenter we bring on board must have strong skills in basic mathematics.

The majority of carpentry services involve a lot of measurements and calculations. Without this knowledge, the carpenter cannot provide you an account of the size and quantity of things you need to complete your project. We pay attention to this and many other essential factors such as honesty and trustworthiness of everyone in our team. Our greatest desire is to attend to all your carpenter work with the highest level of professionalism. It is the only way we can deliver astounding results.Our range of services include;

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    Finish Carpentry

    When it comes to home improvement projects such as finish work, you must find an experienced and reputable carpenter company. It is the only way to ensure a professional outcome.

    Over the years, we have performed hundreds of carpenter work in Boston. We understand that every job we get is custom, and hence, treat it as such. Our local carpenters readily adapt to every project fast. Our finish carpenters can envision the final result way before making that first cut. We genuinely listen to the goals of our customers to understand what they want.  As the leading carpentry contractors in Boston, we are usually open to providing suggestions, and at the same time, understand and accept that it is your property. As such, we let you have the final say. Let us make your house a home with our professional finish carpentry services!

    Finish Carpenrty makes your home beautiful
    Nicely Kitchen and Bathroom Remodelling donne at boston

    Kitchen and Bathroom Remodelling

    There are many reasons why you shouldn’t postpone your bathroom and kitchen remodeling any further. By failing to remodel your bathroom, you are missing out on the opportunity of finding a new way not only to relax but also to get more out of your current space. Further, bath remodels allow you to incorporate the latest technology, and most importantly, have a bathroom that reflects your style. Lastly, an updated bathroom increases your home value considerably.

    A kitchen remodeling allows similar privileges. Apart from increasing home value, a kitchen renovation will enable you to incorporate additional safety factors that you couldn’t enjoy earlier. You should also see it as an opportunity to streamline and optimize the available storage and workspace of your kitchen. You never know what a new kitchen look can do. You might even rediscover your love for cooking. Speak to us today, and let’s determine the best way to approach your kitchen or bathroom remodeling.

    Custom Cabinets

    Custom cabinate made by boston carpentry pros

    Custom-built cabinets permit property owners to match the architecture and décor, add specialized touches, and, most importantly, help you to utilize space wisely. In other words, we give you kitchen cabinets, custom bookcases, or custom shelving that matches your needs. As such, if you want good looking cabinets that help you conquer spaces, our custom cabinets will come in handy. They give you what you cannot achieve with premade cabinets – a personal touch.

    With custom cabinets, you can achieve any look you desire. Do you want a wine rack, or are you looking for local carpenters capable of pulling out awe-inspiring short rotating spice shelves? You can now relax and let our custom carpentry team do all the design work for you! We have the skills and experience needed to build custom cabinets of any dimension and style.

    Crown Molding and Trim

    Worker is doing Crown Moulding and Trim Work​

    Crown molding and trim work demand the touch of a professional trim carpenter. What do you hope to achieve? Is it a colonial or modern look? You must get it right if you want to add both style and value to your home or office. Our trim carpenter team has everything it takes to handle both interior trim as well as exterior trim and rot repair – and in turn, make your home renovation project worthwhile!

    Crown molding offers several benefits, including increasing home value, getting rid of ceiling and wall irregularities, and furnishing walls in houses with high ceilings. The fact that it comes in many widths means that it isn’t limiting. It can be installed in rooms of all shapes, sizes, and types. Besides installing and repairing molding, our trim carpenters will also perform an incredible job on trim work involving the doors, windows, mantels, baseboards, and numerous other ornamental pieces.

    Custom Furniture

    Custom made furniture makes your room beutiful and more comfortable

    Why should anyone consider buying custom-made furniture? To get rid of possible concerns associated with uniqueness and the sort.

    Have you ever walked into a furniture store, spotted a beautiful set of sofa, and then immediately wondered how many other people have a similar set? Does the idea of having a bed that’s identical to your friend’s sound unfathomable? If yes, then custom furniture is your safest bet.

    Whether you want the furniture to furnish your home or office for the first time, or you are in the middle of an umpteenth remodel, you need personalized furniture to move your home or office to the next level. With our custom furniture carpenter at work, you get higher quality than what’s available in many furniture stores, unique, perfect fit and function, and most importantly, your preferred size and color.

    Decks and Porches​

    Nice looking Porches at afternoon by boston carpentry

    With our team of experts in the picture, you are a step away from owning your dream deck or porch. We have a wide array of new designs to share with you. At MABO Carpentry & Home Improvement, we work extra hard to deliver the best quality decks and porches at affordable prices.

    Our uniquely designed and constructed decks and porches are long-lasting. This way, you can look forward to many years of cookouts or family gatherings in your new deck or porch. If you can visualize the many days and evenings you will spend outside on your porch or deck, then it’s possible.

    By putting our decent carpentry skills and in-depth woodworking knowledge at work, you can be sure that you will finally have what you’ve been dreaming of. The process of constructing a deck or porch should only be left in the hands of professionals. We will be happy to be of assistance.

    Our other specialties in woodworking include but not limited to the following:

     Construction carpentry – Are you in the process of putting up a building and hence in need of a construction carpenter? We can help you with that. Over the years, we have worked with residential and commercial property owners who are beginning construction work from zero. We will be with you from the beginning. With your permission, we will oversee or spearhead the making of blueprints. Our other responsibilities as construction carpenters include basic foundation cutting, installation of the materials needed, and sourcing the right quantity of wood, among many other nail and hammer work.

    Rough carpentry/framing – we have knowledgeable and experienced rough carpenters who bring out the best in any temporary structure or support. Our framers know how to measure, cut, and shape wood precisely. Some of the projects we have handled include the construction of wooden structures such as bridges, tunnels, sewer supports, billboard signs, scaffolds, and temporary frame shelters.

    Furniture finish – besides making custom furniture, we are also experts at finishing furniture. We have the best furniture finishers in the region. By the time we are done repairing or restoring your worn out or damaged furniture, you won’t believe it’s the same piece. Our wood finishing skills are on an unmatchable level.  So, if you don’t feel like disposing of your damaged furniture, don’t do it just yet! You don’t have to get rid of your cherished piece of furniture if you don’t want to. Engage our furniture finisher, and you will be amazed by the outcome.

    Are you ready to know how much your office or home improvement project is going to cost? We can offer a free assessment at your earliest convenience. Irrespective of the size of your project, you can confidently count on us for the best carpentry services in Boston and its surroundings!

    Get in touch with us today to get started with a no-obligation quote!